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Your company brand is more that just a logo. It is the cohesive image of your organization. Our philosophy is that your brand can communicate to your customers in ways subtle and profound about who you are, what your values are, and where you’re headed. We know that a brand can make or break your business and we take responsibility seriously. Thats why we work diligently with our clients to ensure that each detail from their logo, to their website is saying exactly what you want to say, and attracting who you want to reach. Whether you are a new company just starting out or you have been around the block and are looking to re-fresh your image, contact us today for a free brand consultation. There’s no pressure in seeing what we can do to make sure you shine bright in any market.


fig. 1 :Mojave School
brand concept

The Mojave School is a non-profit literary teaching organization based out of rural southern Nevada. The goal for this project was to create a brand that was interesting and accessible to both teens, who the group serves, and also donors, community members and parents.